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Live Healthy, Be Active, Feel Great!

Hi, I am Andrea Ramirez… I am a bubbly girl from Costa Rica.

My passion for Fitness and helping others started when I was 15 years old, following the routines of a Fitness Trainer who was changing people’s lives with her routines and enthusiasm, was so inspiring.  I knew one day I was going to do the same and I became a passionate Fitness Trainer. Growing up I used to struggle with my weight and self confidence, I used to diet all the time, gaining weight and then loosing it back. After I became a trainer and studied some nutrition courses I created my own program to slim down and tone my body without starving myself. 

I have been very lucky to work in exotic resorts and even got the chance to trained celebrities like Cindy Crawford, Pink and others.  I’ve studied Physical Education and traveled the world for certifications and I am here to help you feel get started and feel great.

Stop waiting for tomorrow, Monday or New Years to start. I’ve been there. You are the only one in control of your weight and health. My philosophy in life is go for it, things are only impossible until you take action.

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