7 Things Successful Women Do To “Have It All”


I love to read about successful women ask for tips, tricks and for an inside look into their daily routines. Today, after I did my to do list I found this great article by Amita Patel and found it brilliant. A must read! 1. They Define Success On Their Own Terms. Before starting my business, [...]

7 Things Successful Women Do To “Have It All”2016-10-26T02:24:27+08:00



Hi Friends! This week challenge is to STOP TOXIC COMPLIANING in our lives. If we want to have a healthy and happy lifestyle it all starts from the inside. Having positive thoughts and learning to relieve our issues and negativity in a positive way is key for success. I believe  that complaining is a terrible [...]

STOP TOXIC COMPLAINING!2016-10-26T02:24:28+08:00

Exercise And Happiness: Why Exercise Makes Us Feel Happy?


Hi Friends, Despite my passion for fitness some days I'm just not in the mood to workout and those are the days I force myself the most because I know the instant benefit it will cause on my mood. Exercise and happiness go hand and hand... Do you know why we feel so good after [...]

Exercise And Happiness: Why Exercise Makes Us Feel Happy?2016-10-26T02:24:28+08:00

Arms and Core Workout Using a Chair


Hi Guys, This is the perfect of workout to start the day and to super charge your energy levels, I also,  like to combine  this one with 5-10 minutes of jump rope. Using a chair is a great way to make your routine different, fun and challenging. In this routine I share with you 4 exercises that [...]

Arms and Core Workout Using a Chair2015-07-23T04:19:25+08:00

Stability Ball Training: Why Is So Good?


Hi Andrefiters, I often get ask why is so good to use a fit ball when training so I want to share with you all the benefits of using it and why I highly recommend you to add this amazing piece of equipment to your workouts. The stability ball (also called an exercise ball, Swiss [...]

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The Don’ts after a Workout


Leaving Before Cooling Down If you're taking a class, leaving before the cool down is disrespectful to your instructor and bad for your body. If you're working out alone, you're only cutting corners. Carve out an extra five minutes per workout to stretch out those muscles. You'll feel better the next day because of it, [...]

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The Good Sleep Diet: For loosing weight and a Younger Look


  To much stress, over training, emotional unresolved situations, a unhealthy diet and others can affect us when is time to go to bed and the consequences will manifest trough a unstable mood,  your weight, hormones and a bad productivity during the day.  I don't know you but when I don't sleep well apart from [...]

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