Third Trimester: Moves you can do anywhere!


Today I wanted to share with you some 3rd trimester moves that you can do while you are in this stage of pregnancy. I shot this video when I was 25 weeks pregnant while I was in Macau for a weekend and wanted to show you what I usually do when I don't have [...]

Third Trimester: Moves you can do anywhere!2017-10-24T09:21:41+08:00

Prenatal Workout: Total Body 1st and 2nd Trimester


I really believe that ditching your workout routine during the beginning of pregnancy will just make you feel worse.  A few of the very good benefits why to continue working out during pregnancy are: Reduce backaches, constipation, bloating and swelling. Boost your mood and energy levels. Help you sleep better. Prevent excess weight [...]

Prenatal Workout: Total Body 1st and 2nd Trimester2016-11-11T09:40:14+08:00

Prenatal Workout With Stability Ball


I am going to take you through some prenatal-friendly exercises you can do with an exercise ball.  This workout is part of my free prenatal series. I shoot this video when I was 18 weeks pregnant so during this series you will see me grow trough each trimester.  I have a very detailed [...]

Prenatal Workout With Stability Ball2016-10-26T02:23:36+08:00

Embracing Pregnancy Weight Gain


This is not the typical before and after picture. Instead, this is a picture of me 6 months ago before finding out I was pregnant and a picture I took this Wednesday, 6 months later with 8 extra kilos (17.6 pounds) on me and the burgeoning bundle of joy that is my [...]

Embracing Pregnancy Weight Gain2016-10-26T02:23:36+08:00

5 Moves for Toned Arms and Shoulders


Hi Cutie!I am sure  you love short sleeves, bathing suits,  and  showing off those glorious shoulders of yours. This five-move circuit tones your arm and shoulder muscles for a sexy spaghetti-strap-ready look. So grab a pair of dumbbells (from 5 to 10 pounds) and get to work! Follow along this routine and do 3 [...]

5 Moves for Toned Arms and Shoulders2016-10-26T02:24:25+08:00

Full Body Workout using a Chair


This full body workout using a chair is a 20 minute very dynamic and complete routine that tones every single muscle of your beautiful body.  All you need is an exercise mat and a chair, make sure you place the chair on top of your exercise mat to have stability. As you will watch [...]

Full Body Workout using a Chair2016-10-26T02:24:25+08:00

5 Minute Workout #1- Butt & Legs


Hola Amigos, I hope you’re ready to feel like a Bad Ass with this workout. I did this routine last week while I was in Singapore, the  heat and humidity there are insane so if I look like I’m about to melt in the video – it’s because I almost did. I love Singapore because is super [...]

5 Minute Workout #1- Butt & Legs2016-02-17T12:24:23+08:00

Cardio Pilates & Toning Workout


Are you ready to feel the BURN!? You’re about to work your booty, core and shoulders. Today, I’m bringing you the cardio Pilates toning workout. I add a dumbbell and dynamic moves to make you sweat.  These moves sculpt all over, while getting your heart rate up. Talk about major calorie burn! Get ready to feel AMAZING! [...]

Cardio Pilates & Toning Workout2016-10-26T02:24:27+08:00

Trying Joga with Jana Joga for Athletes


Hi Friends, The other day my friend Jana Webb was visiting Hong Kong and I invited her to shoot a video with me.  I love to be around other  women who are living their dreams, working towards them and sharing their light to the world. I met Jana in a steam room  yes, I know [...]

Trying Joga with Jana Joga for Athletes2016-10-26T02:24:27+08:00
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