Legs & Booty

Booty Pump Circuit


Duration: 20 minutes Description: Give your lower half a lift with this booty-shaping circuit workout that will target all areas of your glutes while burning some mega calories along the way!  I truly enjoyed this workout and felt it for two days after shooting  You’ll be amazed by the results you’ll get if [...]

Booty Pump Circuit2016-11-03T05:45:43+08:00

Love Your Legs & Booty Workout


Duration: 20 minutes Description: This  Love your Legs & Booty Routine is perfect for fine toning your entire lower body! Lift your booty, sculpt your thighs & strengthen those sexy legs, all while increasing that metabolism! The best thing about working larger muscle groups like your legs & booty is that it helps [...]

Love Your Legs & Booty Workout2016-11-03T05:41:15+08:00

Butt and Abs Workout


Duration: 20 minutes Description: It's time to get your lower body and abs looking great! With this workout you will tone your butt, abs, hips, and thighs. In this 20 minute grinder, Andrea takes you through a number of different moves to target those difficult areas. Your body is going to feel so [...]

Butt and Abs Workout2016-11-03T06:00:25+08:00