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Third Trimester: Moves you can do anywhere!


Today I wanted to share with you some 3rd trimester moves that you can do while you are in this stage of pregnancy. I shot this video when I was 25 weeks pregnant while I was in Macau for a weekend and wanted to show you what I usually do when I don't have [...]

Third Trimester: Moves you can do anywhere!2017-10-24T09:21:41+08:00

Prenatal Workout: Total Body 1st and 2nd Trimester


I really believe that ditching your workout routine during the beginning of pregnancy will just make you feel worse.  A few of the very good benefits why to continue working out during pregnancy are: Reduce backaches, constipation, bloating and swelling. Boost your mood and energy levels. Help you sleep better. Prevent excess weight [...]

Prenatal Workout: Total Body 1st and 2nd Trimester2016-11-11T09:40:14+08:00

Prenatal Workout With Stability Ball


I am going to take you through some prenatal-friendly exercises you can do with an exercise ball.  This workout is part of my free prenatal series. I shoot this video when I was 18 weeks pregnant so during this series you will see me grow trough each trimester.  I have a very detailed [...]

Prenatal Workout With Stability Ball2016-10-26T02:23:36+08:00

5 Moves for Toned Arms and Shoulders


Hi Cutie!I am sure  you love short sleeves, bathing suits,  and  showing off those glorious shoulders of yours. This five-move circuit tones your arm and shoulder muscles for a sexy spaghetti-strap-ready look. So grab a pair of dumbbells (from 5 to 10 pounds) and get to work! Follow along this routine and do 3 [...]

5 Moves for Toned Arms and Shoulders2016-10-26T02:24:25+08:00

Full Body Workout using a Chair


This full body workout using a chair is a 20 minute very dynamic and complete routine that tones every single muscle of your beautiful body.  All you need is an exercise mat and a chair, make sure you place the chair on top of your exercise mat to have stability. As you will watch [...]

Full Body Workout using a Chair2016-10-26T02:24:25+08:00

5 Minute Workout #1- Butt & Legs


Hola Amigos, I hope you’re ready to feel like a Bad Ass with this workout. I did this routine last week while I was in Singapore, the  heat and humidity there are insane so if I look like I’m about to melt in the video – it’s because I almost did. I love Singapore because is super [...]

5 Minute Workout #1- Butt & Legs2016-02-17T12:24:23+08:00

Butt and Abs Workout


Duration: 20 minutes Description: It's time to get your lower body and abs looking great! With this workout you will tone your butt, abs, hips, and thighs. In this 20 minute grinder, Andrea takes you through a number of different moves to target those difficult areas. Your body is going to feel so [...]

Butt and Abs Workout2016-11-03T06:00:25+08:00

Cardio Pilates & Toning Workout


Are you ready to feel the BURN!? You’re about to work your booty, core and shoulders. Today, I’m bringing you the cardio Pilates toning workout. I add a dumbbell and dynamic moves to make you sweat.  These moves sculpt all over, while getting your heart rate up. Talk about major calorie burn! Get ready to feel AMAZING! [...]

Cardio Pilates & Toning Workout2016-10-26T02:24:27+08:00

Trying Joga with Jana Joga for Athletes


Hi Friends, The other day my friend Jana Webb was visiting Hong Kong and I invited her to shoot a video with me.  I love to be around other  women who are living their dreams, working towards them and sharing their light to the world. I met Jana in a steam room  yes, I know [...]

Trying Joga with Jana Joga for Athletes2016-10-26T02:24:27+08:00

New Workout And Weekly Schedule


Hola Amigos y Amigas, Today's post I have for you a new routine and the weekly schedule. Today's workout is using one of my favorite pieces of equipment, the resistance band.  Some of the many benefits of using a resistance bands are: Resistance bands allow you to perform strength-training exercises without weights You can get [...]

New Workout And Weekly Schedule2016-10-26T02:24:27+08:00
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