Butt and Abs Workout


Duration: 20 minutes Description: It's time to get your lower body and abs looking great! With this workout you will tone your butt, abs, hips, and thighs. In this 20 minute grinder, Andrea takes you through a number of different moves to target those difficult areas. Your body is going to feel so [...]

Butt and Abs Workout2016-11-03T06:00:25+08:00

How to Lose Love Handles Routine


Hi Andrefiters, This is a question people ask me a lot.  How to lose of love handles? Love handles are unwanted fat deposit around the hips. They also raise your risk for developing dangerous visceral fat that builds up around the organs. I want to clarify that there is no way to lose weight in [...]

How to Lose Love Handles Routine2016-10-26T02:24:40+08:00

Rock your Abs – Real Time Pilates Workout


Hi Andrefiters, Happy Wednesday!  How's everyone doing? As promised, here is your 24 minute real time abs workout.  I mix it up with my Pilates Power Flow class and some body weight moves that I love, it will be challenging and you will  get your core smash for sure but that's why we are here [...]

Rock your Abs – Real Time Pilates Workout2016-10-26T02:24:49+08:00

Abs of Steel with Planks


When I was first introduce to Planks like 4 years ago, my first thought was "really! are you telling me in that easy position I am going to work my abs?"  and then after 30 seconds holding the position it became a real challenge.  Planks when done correctly and for the appropriate length of time [...]

Abs of Steel with Planks2016-10-26T02:25:04+08:00

5 Super Exercises for a Hot Tummy


Abs abs and more abs!  We all know how good they make us look, so lets work 'em!  This is one of the most frequent requests I get from clients, students at classes.  We all want to have a flat hot tummy and be tone so here are some of my favorites. To really work [...]

5 Super Exercises for a Hot Tummy2011-12-11T09:00:30+08:00

Freaking Hot Abs Exercise Challenge


Hola Amigos, I love exercise challenges because they follow challenges we go through in life. Even just to eat right and choose carefully what you put in your mouth or choosing to exercise but deeper than that we all have personal challenges in our work, family or relationships that we need to overcome. Regardless of [...]

Freaking Hot Abs Exercise Challenge2011-11-07T23:58:31+08:00

Get your CORE rocking with body weight training.


Why you should strengthen your core muscles? You know core exercises are good for you — but do you include core exercises in your fitness routine? Here's why you should. CORE EXERCISES IMPROVE YOUR BALANCE AND FLEXIBILITY Why is so important to work on our core muscles? Core exercises train the muscles in your pelvis, [...]

Get your CORE rocking with body weight training.2011-10-17T19:25:56+08:00
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