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Tone & Lean Full Body Workout Part 2


Happy AndFit Wednesday! I want to inspire you with this quote…TODAY is MY TOMORROW. Its up to ME to SHAPE IT, TO TAKE CONTROL… and seize every OPPORTUNITY. The power is in the CHOICES I make EACH DAY. I Eat WELL, I LIVE WELL, And I SHAPE ME! Today’s challenge is to  […]


Tone & Lean Full Body Workout Part 22016-10-26T02:24:29+08:00

Tone & Lean Full Body Workout


Here are a few of my favorite moves for a total body workout that you will LOVE! You can mix this workout with a hike, run or aerobics class or any cardio workout. Whether you’re at the gym, in your living room or in a group fitness room… get ready to ROCK! This week I [...]

Tone & Lean Full Body Workout2016-10-26T02:24:29+08:00

The Beach Body Workout 4: To make you swim in sweats


  In life if we want something we have to go for it!  Same is when we have a Fitness goal,  any beautiful Fit and strong body you see out there has been made just like puff.  It requires a healthy-clean diet and taking the time to add exercise into the schedule no matter what.  [...]

The Beach Body Workout 4: To make you swim in sweats2016-10-26T02:25:01+08:00

Get a Beach Body Cardio Routine: To make you BURN FAT


  Are you ready to burn some serious calories? Today's workout we are performing 4 moves that need to be completed in 4 rounds (if at the end of the last round you still have energy, do one or two more).  Make sure you warm up first (30-40 squats) and prepare your body for the [...]

Get a Beach Body Cardio Routine: To make you BURN FAT2016-10-26T02:25:09+08:00

Beach Body Workout 3


Happy Andrefit Wednesday & Time to Sweat! I am so happy to be back with another Beach Body Workout.  My butt, legs, arms, abs and every piece of me were so sore after this workout that I could barely walk for the next two days.  But of course I Love it and makes me WANT [...]

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Beach Body Workout 2


  Hi Andrefiters! Summer is around the corner! and if you are anything like me you love the beach, summer but also to feel good and comfortable with your bikini and if you are a guy having your shirt off.  If you are new to my site you need to know that I believe in [...]

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Beach Body Workout 1


Hi Andrefiters! Your new video is up! The Beach Body Workout ♥♥♥ We all love to feel and look good when we wear a bikini and go to the beach.  I am also the type of women who likes to be in shape the entire year and have a constant weigh, with these type of [...]

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