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5 Minute Workout #1- Butt & Legs


Hola Amigos, I hope you’re ready to feel like a Bad Ass with this workout. I did this routine last week while I was in Singapore, the  heat and humidity there are insane so if I look like I’m about to melt in the video – it’s because I almost did. I love Singapore because is super [...]

5 Minute Workout #1- Butt & Legs2016-02-17T12:24:23+08:00

Legs and Butt Workout


Hi Friends! It's a new week and I have for you your new "Legs and Butt Workout" that targets all the areas we love to tone to have beautiful, sexy, strong andfit legs. As soon as you complete your workout , check in with me on instagram with the hashtag #andfitworkouts https://youtu.be/0R3YiYL9fZs Workout Breakdown:  4 [...]

Legs and Butt Workout2015-11-11T16:29:00+08:00

Inner Thighs & Core Workout


Hi Babes, Give me 5 minutes to make you sweat with this inner thighs and core workout!  These are common trouble zones for women.  A trouble zone is an area of our body where extra fat deposits build up which can leave us feeling self-conscious and frustrated. The best way to tackle the problem is [...]

Inner Thighs & Core Workout2015-08-17T18:48:45+08:00

Swiss Ball Workout: butt, legs & core!


  Hi Frieds! Wohooo another Swiss ball workout is here! :) I love this piece of equipment so much and always try to include it in my workout weekly schedule.  Swiss ball, exercise ball, stability ball, fit ball —whatever you call it, I think a ball is must have for just about everyone. A swiss ball can [...]

Swiss Ball Workout: butt, legs & core!2016-10-26T02:24:28+08:00

Pre and Post Christmas Cardio Workout


Need a quick and easy workout you can do at home over the holidays, no-gym needed? I've got you! Take Christmas to your workout with this routine and feel amazing during the whole day! This is a day to kill it with cardio moves, so it’s time to find your favorite gear and kick yourself [...]

Pre and Post Christmas Cardio Workout2016-10-26T02:24:28+08:00

Stability Ball Exercises


Hi Afiters, In this video I show you many exercises you can do with a Stability Ball. I am getting questions from many of you about this and I wanted to show you very effective exercises to tone and get stronger without bulking. In this one I am focusing on strengthening the core, upper body [...]

Stability Ball Exercises2016-10-26T02:24:30+08:00

Lift & Tone Legs & Booty: andrefit Series


Hi Andrefiters, Hope you all had a wonderful weekend! I rest a lot and spend time with my beautiful family and friends.  And today I am ready to start fresh and push you to be a better person in everything you do. Your workout video of the week is here! It’s a fabulous 20 min [...]

Lift & Tone Legs & Booty: andrefit Series2016-10-26T02:24:39+08:00

Get Lean & Toned Legs Workout


Hi Babes! Your andrefit workout of the week is the Get Lean and Tone Legs Workout! Perfect to do during the weekend to stay active and fit. This one will tone your glutes, thighs, shoulders and core! Are you ready for glowing skin to last through the weekend and another workout? Time to work those [...]

Get Lean & Toned Legs Workout2016-10-26T02:24:39+08:00

Exercises for Tone and Sexy Legs!


  Hi Andrefiters, One of my andrefiters babes sent me a message today on my facebook page asking how to make the legs look tone and sexier? And I'm sure many of you have the same question. My tip for this is: go up and down on stairs for 20 to 30 minutes non stop [...]

Exercises for Tone and Sexy Legs!2016-10-26T02:24:43+08:00

Lean Legs & Booty Up Video: Part 1


  Hi Andrefiters! Lately you guys have been asking me trough facebook messages to upload  more legs, bums and thighs exercises.  I have plenty of amazing ones to tone up the booty and build the legs in a lean perfect way, so stay tune because I will keep them coming :) In this video I [...]

Lean Legs & Booty Up Video: Part 12016-10-26T02:25:07+08:00
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