Rutina de Yoga Fit Para Moldear El Cuerpo


Hola Amigos, Los Miércoles siempre es un buen día para bajar el gas al entrenamiento si has estado haciendo ejercicios todos los días.  Recuerda que es importante el balance para no llegar a tener una fatiga muscular o lesionarse por exceso de ejercicio.  Tener una buena rutina de estiramiento o hacer yoga es excelente para [...]

Rutina de Yoga Fit Para Moldear El Cuerpo2016-10-26T02:24:28+08:00

Stretch at Work and Feel Happier!


You can be happy, relax and strong even if you cant go to the gym or exercise for a few days. Stretching, breathing and using pilates techniques can really help you to stay strong by using the seated position as a core training routine. We all can develop awareness and proper breathing, all you need [...]

Stretch at Work and Feel Happier!2011-11-01T18:04:50+08:00

Stretch and make your body happy!


In this video I add very basic Yoga and Stability Ball moves I use in my classes. When you move you want to move in coordination with your breathing, so deeply inhale before you start and just follow the moves being aware of your breathing. We all have heard that stretching is good and a [...]

Stretch and make your body happy!2011-10-13T01:14:51+08:00

Yoga Night Video from Hong Kong


Hi Guys, Life have become very stressful from the busy schedule and daily things we have to do that sometimes there is no time to exercise and relax. After being in the office for so long, driving, traveling or just walking around, our muscles get very tight and our mind is so full of thoughts [...]

Yoga Night Video from Hong Kong2011-08-04T13:40:35+08:00