Hi AndFitters,

Another video to do anywhere-anytime is here! Woohoo! I shoot this video in London and the weather was about 11 Celsius, I was freezing, but I wanted to sweat and get my workout done because every time I do it I feel amazing. Exercise balance me out so I am a better person, wife, friend and it keeps my mind clear.

I know how difficult it is sometimes to get our bodies to move and train because we might be tired, had a bad day or we just feel lazy, but you know what working out is one of those things we need to make it a goal to do it every day for the sake of our physical and mental health. There is no shortcut and nobody will do it for us! Remember, it is not about perfection it’s about becoming our best version!

Put your sports clothes on and let’s sweat together! This is a follow along routine and all you have to do is follow me and push as hard as you can.

Workout Breakdown:

15 reps per exercise with very little rest in between

1. Plank + Knee Tuck

2. Low Lunges

3. Push Up + Abduction

4. V Sits

5. Sleeping Crab