I am going to take you through some prenatal-friendly exercises you can do with an exercise ball.  This workout is part of my free prenatal series. I shoot this video when I was 18 weeks pregnant so during this series you will see me grow trough each trimester.  I have a very detailed prenatal plan for you to follow during your 9 months of pregnancy that you can find here.

Workouts using a Stability Ball are great to exercise during pregnancy as they work your core without you having to do ‘sit-up’ type exercises. This is because anything you do on the ball is going to require you to balance and stabilize yourself using your deep abdominal muscles (or TVA – Transversus abdominis). It is important to keep your core strong to support your back and pelvic floor muscles during pregnancy and to get these muscles strong for labour (and a quick recovery post-baby!) You can do a huge variety of exercises with a gym ball. Here is a workout that is suitable for any stage of pregnancy specially for your I and II Trimester (assuming you have the green light from your Dr to exercise).

Remember to warm up and cool down and always listen to your body and stop if anything doesn’t feel right. There are exercises for each body area (arms and upper body / legs and bum / core).

Stay tune for more workouts coming and if you are pregnant and doing these workouts with me please leave me a comment. Can’t wait to hear from you!