Hi Andfitters, here is your new andfit workout of the week! This is a follow along routine that targets the core and arms. Oh yes! We will be focusing on working the upper body.  Mix this workout with

15 minutes of jump rope. If you don’t have one, you can do jumping jacks raising your hands up above your head.

Now, remember what I always say, “always push as hard as you can and give me 100% of yourself.” Drop any excuse from your mind, get the workout done, burn a lot of calories and get ready to feel amazingly strong.

Do you know that recent research reveals that strength training and high intensity training are more effective at reducing body fat than longer duration steady aerobic exercise.  Researchers believe this is due to the “after burn” effect, in that your body continues to burn additional calories and metabolize more fat long after the workout.

And that is all for now from Los Angeles! See you next week!

Your Trainer,