Resistance bands, let you create a variety of workouts using the elastic properties of the bands to create resistance. They are lightweight, easy to use, inexpensive and easy to transport. Depending on how you use them, you may create workouts that emphasize muscle building or calorie burning.

Resistance bands help you perform a wide variety of exercises, targeting specific muscle groups. With these bands, you may perform many of the exercises you perform with barbells, dumbbells, kettlebells and weight machines. The tighter you wrap them, the more resistance you create during an exercise. This allows you to use one set of bands to perform different exercises, because you may use different amounts of resistance for each exercise. If you only have a pair of 10-lb. dumbbells, you must use 10 lbs. of resistance for each exercise you perform. Weights and machines restrict your movements, while resistance bands let you move up, down, sideways and on angles that simulate sport-specific movements.

Here are some moves that will help you to start with this great accessory: