Hi Friends,

The other day my friend Jana Webb was visiting Hong Kong and I invited her to shoot a video with me.  I love to be around other  women who are living their dreams, working towards them and sharing their light to the world.

I met Jana in a steam room  yes, I know it sounds funny!  She accidentally pressed the sos button and then we couldn’t stop laughing about it. Great minds attract like minded minds!

Jana story is fascinating and that’s why I believe in life everything happens for a reason and the challenges that we might be facing now will be big encouragement for others in the future.

After stumbling upon yoga while nursing her own injury, Jana trained in Tokyo to become an Ishta certified yoga instructor. Wanting to bridge the gap between fitness and yoga, she developed a number of sport specific programs including Yoga for Golfers and Yoga for Runners before developing the JOGA program. Now aiming to help other health professionals achieve their goals, Jana has developed a certification program that offers yoga instructors, physiotherapists, athletic therapists and strength coaches to become Joga certified.

The difference between JOGA and yoga is that JOGA was designed for athletes and athletic movements. Traditional yoga involves static long holds, which doesn’t necessarily makes sense for athletic movements. The muscles become overstretched and the neurosystem can’t keep up with the stretch of the muscle, so athletes come out “flat”. JOGA is a movement system that emulates cadence of movements in sports and focuses on dynamic stretching. The goal is not flexibility but balance of strength and flexibility.

In this video trying joga with Jana she explains us a bit more and as she says it why joga for jogs.